2023 (1)

For those who follow along…

No workstation update yet (or for the near future). I’m in the middle of a move and need to take care of some other stuff that will keep me pretty busy. Midjourney is my creative outlet at the moment. Still playing with the versatility of the tool. It is a lot of fun once you realize how certain words and or phrases evoke image results. The dataset has some interesting interpretations of words when used certain ways.

(BTW – I’m considering a lengthy rant on those who are against AI image creation tools. Not that anyone would care what I think but – hay 🙂 )

Some fun things I felt like upscaling.

Battle Robot repair
Battle Bot workshop


Mushroom family
Friendly Mushroom family on a stroll in the forest


Forest Dragon
Young Dragon in the forest

~ by cp40guy on February 6, 2023.

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