Update 2020 (4)

•March 24, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Got distracted.

Have all my textures updated and or completed. Still need to complete the shuttle bay details if I want any aft view shots. Need to move on to the mother-ship now.

These are all just simple single pass renders. The first two were mostly done test images and the last three are of the complete ship. Thanks for looking 🙂

Federation cruiser
Federation cruiser
Federation cruiser
Federation cruiser
Federation cruiser

Update 2020 (3)

•February 19, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Notice I have tired of pithy titles.

Minor update as texturing progresses. I really hate texturing because I am so OC about them. I ran a quick pass (non composited) today with the lower half of the hull applied. I like the interior illumination of the cabin / rooms better than on the saucer. I can remedy the saucer but it will take a bit of work.

Not sure why the deflector needs to glow (though I have done that on previous ships) but it is how they started to do it with TNG ships. That could use a tweak as well.

I also have adjusted the smoothing on all the various object elements after importing the Wings mesh into MAX. Takes a bit of time.

The name is KENNEDY but that is a placeholder. I’d like to name these ships after great bodies of water that explorers needed to traverse.

Update 2020 (2)

•February 4, 2020 • 2 Comments

I previously posted an idea I had about an extreme explore ship that could carry multiple star ships inside of it. I long ago completed the models but have been hesitant / stuck on completing with textures. Just a simple update on progress to one of the items that will (may) comprise the set.

This would be one of the compliment ships carried by the main ship.

Completed the saucer principal texture but still have a few tweaks in mind. I just unwrapped the hull mesh and started in the texture for it.

So, been a while

•February 3, 2020 • 2 Comments

I just noticed it is almost 1 year since my last post! I have been pretty busy and had a few things happen that have focused my attention elsewhere. Still been modelling stuff however. I did lose the use of my laptop, which I used to connect to the internet, early last year. My render station (which is older) is never allowed to connect to the web. I use my tablet most of the time these days.


Finally finished a couple of projects I wanted to get of my desk before doing anything else. Just for fun stuff but I admit I rushed some to clear them. This year I hope to make a move to a new production suite like Blender or some such. I have a forever license to Houdini I never have done much with. Also looking to replace the laptop with an up to date machine with latest graphics card and either an i5 or i9 processor.

And again, anyway…

These two items were recently added to my DA gallery but am adding here s well.

My DS9 1950’s style model

A redo of Atolm’s Romulan interceptor (revised textures)

Why not, a Romulan?

•March 26, 2019 • 1 Comment

I have no idea why I did this. I was messing around with smoothing a basic extruded block and saw this design start to emerge. A few (cumulative) hours later I had this hull design that reminded me of a Romulan. I kept tweaking it over a few weeks and settled on this.

Yeah, it’ll get textured one of these days (months, years, decades!).

A random update

•March 26, 2019 • 1 Comment

So many months and so little accomplished. What’s new with that? Well, to be fair I painted myself into this little corner. About a year ago I asked my company if I moved could I become a work from home (remote) employee?

(I was moving 180 miles east so no commute possibility).

They said – sure! Turns out they wanted my office anyhow! And, to be fair, while I live and work in Washington state my real office is in Chicago which I only visit 3-4 times a year.

What’s that got to do with anything? Thanks for asking!

My company is more devious than I knew. Turns out, when you work from home, you do more work than when you’re in an office! Well, most people.

I did most of my rendering at work. I would setup rendering tasks in the office and let them run for post work later. Just cannot find the time now to do that. Still modeling though.

So for that update. Some additional detail work and slight mods on my Star Trek project. I have completed my meshes on the starships. Updated and properly scaled warp nacelles and other widgets.

Have to figure out how to find time to texture and render.

Douglas Rain, dead at 90

•November 12, 2018 • 1 Comment

Douglas Rain died Sunday, November 12.  I won’t be one of those that copies a eulogy so go here for that.

Rains performance was pitch perfect for that film. I am still amazed when viewing 2001 how chilling HAL is as a sympathetic villian. Whenever I see an ad for Alexa, or remind myself not to enable Siri, I hear his voice.

That’s no moon – continued…

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More work on the VERY extended range explorer project.  I tweaked the warp nacelle design, a bit, and updated the starship that accompanies the explorer.  I also decided that the complement of ships housed would include two different class of ships.  Each would have a specific mission type but have a fair number of shared capabilities.  They also would have similar base components to make maintenance easier.

Here is the revised ‘Class 1’ ship

Here is the ‘Class 2’ ship