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Long time since anything posted here. Not unusual for me though, right? :)

Real life has been busy and taken the few time slices away that I have had for modelling fun. Additionally, I have been experimenting with various new material types for this particular model. Probably giving away what I am working on with these update pics but, oh well.

I have switched to a multi-layer Blinn shader. I probably have a few more tweaks to go in how I set the various maps up but like where this has landed. These examples are just with a slight ambient rig and a single point (spot) light on the model element. If I stick with this I would probably get some nice output layers for post work.

What is it #1
What is it #2
What is it #3
What is it #4

Off the Reservation (again!)

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I have had this project idea brewing for a couple of years (based on the file date) that I got re-interested in. A result of going through various folders and thumb drives – etc. It was a thought on demonstrating where I started to where I am today. It was also a departure from how I like to model versus how I can if I spend real time on something.

I won’t give all the details right now but some folks will guess, in part, what I am up to after a few posts. And, of course, there is always the reality I will see some shiny new thing and go off the reservation again!

The following is a single part of a much larger mesh. Each part will have no less than 1K texture maps (small parts at 1K and large up to 4K). This is a single hatch plate in a series on a model and each will have some unique property so they do not look like copies / clones. I have worked it out in PS to make it very easy. We will see.

The model is about 70% done except for some tweaks here and there and one major component. It’s been fun so far.

Cover Hatch 01
Cover Hatch 02
Cover Hatch 03

Cruiser (Honor Harrington) Part 2

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More updates on the Honor Harrington Manticorian cruiser. I cloned almost all the small parts that make up the hatches, missile ports and do-dads. I applied texture treatments to all these elements as well. I have to finish the bow/aft chaser elements next. I have decided there are way to many inconsistencies on how the ship bays work that I am going to make some changes there in the next pass. I am going to scale the bay to the largest class of auxiliary that this class of ship can accommodate. I am then going to add docking doors for receiving those ships into a hanger either forward or aft depending on the bay.

Of course, then I will not put anything in there. Too much work :)

Honor Harrington generic cruiser image 6
Honor Harrington generic cruiser image 7

Found – Uranus Class image

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As time permits I continue to go through all my dispersed and unorganized, offline stored, files and came across the image below. It was a PSD file that I never saved out as a finished file. I had created a couple of scenes for this project after I finished the model, it is a Chris Reyes (ATOLM) design. I had settled on just a top view only scene with the ship zipping around. I must have wanted this one too as I delete useless and space consuming PSD files if I don’t like what I had done.

Uranus Class TOS starship

More Lost Cause Modelling

•August 20, 2015 • 2 Comments

Between past disk crashes, lost backups and – well, to be honest – a lack of proper organization, I have lost and misplaced a ton of CG projects over the years. For example, I have a very nice TOS era station, designed by Masao (G3 class), that I have no idea where it went. It may be on an old disk I have laying around or one of a number of thumb drives I have. Then there is various cloud storage that I have to recall. Oh! Oh! – and CD’s (really).


So I have started trying to collect all this crap and sort through it. Get rid of projects that have been redone, meaning delete, and get them collected and categorized. Then I need to decide what priority they will be worked on, if ever, and try and slog through it. I had the same problem when I physically modeled. I had a whole shelf system in the garage with partial build kits.

I found this odd project folder file on a thumb titled New Trek. It was about a year old and I had no idea what the heck it was. I opened it and did the following quick renders. I have no recollection of this project. I think I was experimenting with Wings3D and creating TOS’ish hulls. Anyway, this what I have been working on (the file organizing) recently. If I find anything else interesting I’ll give a share.

New Trek Ship 01

New Trek Ship 02

Cruiser (Honor Harrington)

•August 5, 2015 • 2 Comments

Back to my (slowly) growing fleet inspired by the Honor Harrington universe.

This has to be my 5th (ish) version of a Manticoran style cruiser. I worked out, again, various scale issues and such to try and compensate for the inconsistencies found in the novels. I built out a source file with all the classes, in rough form, and now can go back and develop the finer details. I have my previous destroyer and it is just about finished. I have a scene in mind and want this cruiser to be in it. Both are in the texture phase (as well as cloning all the duplicate items).

I cannot stress how ‘inspired by’ this all is. There is no real canon, in my opinion, even though the House of Steel book has ship designs and specs in it. The French versions have different book art designs. The comics and potential movie completely toss the established designs as well. I have simply decided to design based on my minds view of what I read, the art of David Mattingly and the influence of the BuNine work done over the years.

Weber has a very loyal and sensitive fan base out there. I don’t want to get spaced :)

Cruiser - Honor Harrington

Just the one item. Fitting the first texture layer in is all.

Have CG Art forum (BBS) sites gone the way of the Dodo?

•July 29, 2015 • 3 Comments


I keep checking in at a fair number of the sites out there but see little in the way of contribution. Most sites have a small group of hard core, and mostly very accomplished, artists and modelers that continue to post. But the variety and numbers seem to have declined. I mostly follow blogs now of people I like.

Or, is it more that fewer people are modelling than used to? Tools have become very expensive and the old days of freeware versions have gone away. The few free tools are difficult to learn without the level of support you see from the commercial companies.

Or, am I just a glass half full kind of guy?



•July 28, 2015 • 2 Comments

All finished. Finally.

Star Trek Museum Capella Class

As a reminder, full disclosure, original design by Masao Okazaki seen in the Star Fleet Museum.


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