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Not much to see (here) folks! I realized that many of my finished projects have never been put into the gallery page on the site. Back in the day, WordPress use to made it pretty easy to categorize or attach an image to the gallery post upload. Meaning, if I first associated it to a blog entry I could go back and ‘reassign’ it to my gallery.

Not no more.

So, I had to do some fancy footwork and fixed it. Now a number of missed entries are now in the gallery. For those that drop by but do not cruise all the old entries (with so many WIP items that never get done) you can easily just see the finished work now. More to come (I have way too many image pages to wade through :)).


•April 21, 2015 • 3 Comments

Just practicing some rendering and post-prod techniques. Grabbed my Moskva mesh and an APOD sourced ISS image. The ISS image is actually the ISS as seen from above with a great view of the Earth. I played with the planet after removing the ISS and the solar panels from the Soyuz (guessing on that) that took the picture.

Anyway – here it is.

Starfleet Museum Ship

Other Space – Yahoo ! (?)

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Other Space
Okay, sucked in by the new, 8 part, sci-fi mini series just launched on Yahoo. In the vein of Red Dwarf, it follows the exploits of a small crew of unlikely explorers. They find themselves trapped in an entirely new universe after they get sucked (flushed – watch and you’ll get it) through a momentary tear between ours and another universe.

Unique to Yahoo with oddly appealing sets, costumes and effects – I did not see this coming. It just landing today and I ‘what the hell’d’ it. Each episode is about 25 minutes plus a few (poorly timed) inserted commercials. A few of the actors actually have some skill in delivering lines. I had hoped for better humor given the shows overall tone (think Quark – the Richard Benjamin series). Both Quark and Red Dwarf pull off the satire much better but Other Space does twist here and there with some serious undertones.

Destroyer (Honor Harrington) Texture Pt-3

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Well I am still no further along on cloning parts to finish out this little ship. Work and life have interrupted once again. Damn it :)

Also, I found a neat set of new grunge brushes that will be perfect for specular map creation. I redid the maps I had and got the look I want. The resulting maps were also an acceptable size (under 600KB).

As always, thanks for looking folks!

Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic

Destroyer (Honor Harrington) Texture Pt-2

•March 13, 2015 • 1 Comment

A revisit on the initial texture. I have made a few changes to the base color and redid some of the lines. The bridge section now needs attention as well as the lower hull center section. The application is just a plain top side planar application.

Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic

Destroyer (Honor Harrington) Texture Pt-1

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Just a quick update on the destroyer, generic class, I hope to see finished! I cloned a few parts for alignment purposes and fixed most all the smoothing groups out. I have a little tweaking left to do on smoothing but it won’t be much. I worked up the main hull and ‘hammer’ texture as well.

Very quick pass through so excuse the images.

Manticorian Destroyer
Manticorian Destroyer
Manticorian Destroyer

Loop – hope I am done

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My endless Honor Harrington ship process is, hopefully, coming to an end.  Well, with the destroyer I have been working on at least.  While this looks like a step back from the last time you saw this it is really vastly improved.  This is a re-import from Wings 3D, the smoothing and initial texture application has been discarded.

This version has had the missile tubes improved with set back, sliding, hatches.  I added thruster nozzles and improved the z-axis (spinal) thrusters.  The point defense laser has been updated to have a ‘cannon’ type hexagonal mount.  You’ll never see those PD lenses but – hey.  The boat bay is roughed in with floods and observation ports.  I only need to drop in the docking assembly.

I did not like the map size of the first texture application so that gets tweaked with this go around.  Hoping to do 4K maps with much of the hull and 1K for smaller details.  Should be able to get the detail I need.  I needed operating hatches for the scene(s) this will go into.

Forgive the poor quality of the images.

Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic

So, aside from texture work, I have to go back and get the smoothing groups fixed again and clone all the parts that need multiple copies.

Pinnace – Harrington Universe

•February 18, 2015 • 2 Comments

I have a few, new, Harrington universe ships in the wings I need (want) to render. They all have docking bays which, if one reads the books, typically contain one or more shuttles (pinnaces). I know of only one ‘canon’ design and do not want to go to that level of detail to accommodate a similar ship. I decided to work out a variation of a Burnelli lifting body, not to unlike the Boeing blended wing (which is a descendant of Burnelli’s work). I had numerous types but have sort of come down to three candidates.

The examples below (A, B and C) are the ones I did not delete with extreme prejudice. The type C is probably the best of the three for my purposes. It has the most volume for either passengers and or cargo. The Harrington ships mostly re-provision when at a space station so they do not need big shuttles. With cruisers and larger I will need to consider a couple of combat shuttles for landing troops though that is not the primary role of a fleet vessel. They do have them though so I have to think it out.

So –

Note: Image 1 I have got A and C reversed (thanks Evil). Image 2 and 3 are correct.

Honor Harrington pinnace concept
Honor Harrington pinnace concept
Honor Harrington pinnace concept


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