Lost Horizon (Pt 2)

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Not much to say (to the relief of you all).

Had a few moments to clone a few parts and light up the windows / ports. First pass nacelle textures as well. All keeping as close to the museum schematic of course.

I wasted spent some time on an accompanying object that I hope to use in the scene(s) with this. I slowed my self down a bit on this project.

Just the one update image.

Star Fleet Museum Horizon class 4

Lost Horizon (Ha)

•July 14, 2016 • 4 Comments

I try so hard to be witty. Sorry.

I have had this Museum model of the Horizon class explorer laying around for some time now. I built it out the day Masao released the site update but never textured it. Sad.

Of course I have a need for it now and, so, it is in the ‘paint booth’ for color. Just a few quick looks at some of the parts with diffuse maps applied. Trying to do this with fewest maps I can. So far so good. Hopefully this won’t take very long.

Star Fleet Museum Horizon class 1
Star Fleet Museum Horizon class 2
Star Fleet Museum Horizon class 3

Rendering pause – Idle hands

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While putting together the task force render (previous post) I had a bunch of free time. My render / 3D station is old and is known to crash while doing big renders so I had to babysit it. And, due to an error on my part, the renders ran exceptionally longer than they should have. I got bored and opened up Wings3D which is on a thumb drive and can run anywhere. I love to mesh-doodle (I’m calling that BTW) as it is so fast and easy to do in Wings. Oddly, I came up with two whole new projects! One I definitely will be finishing and one I’ll noodle over.

The keeper – Gorn Battle Cruiser

I always wanted a big Gorn ship and built an Atolm (Chris Reyes) design some years back. Oddly, the one I picked was actually a mashup he did from other designs and not his favorite. He was kind enough to help create textures for it though. Any ways. I have his designs stored away in a work file and have seen various other versions designed by folks over at DeviantArt and the web. This version ‘borrows’ from many of those approaches but is my interpretation. The one canon version out there I don’t like so choose to ignore:).

Gorn Battle Cruiser 1
Gorn Battle Cruiser 2
Gorn Battle Cruise 3
Gorn Battle Cruiser 4

The ‘have to think about’ is another Atolm inspired design.

He did a couple of designs with torus style hulls and I always liked them. I doodle (in Wings) ships like them on and off. This one I saved. I need to come up with a ‘main’ hull that will incorporate the impulse engines and other doodads. Again, have to think about it.

Atolm Style Torus 1
Atolm Style Torus 2
Atolm Style Torus 3
Atolm Style Torus 4

The Past, Complete

•June 29, 2016 • 2 Comments

Meaning I got around to creating an image with that updated Conqueror!

A fair bit of drama on this as my poor old rendering station ran into an issue when I created this. I mistakenly set up a key light in MAX (very old version) that provided light to all the ships. The light was huge. Each pass took about 12 hours. Had I just set up key lights for each object I would have shortened each pass to about 15 minutes.


Here is a ‘wallpaper’ version of the image. I reduced it from 2048×1536 pixels and then cropped it to 1920×1200.

Starfleet Museum Ships

The past… Pt.3

•June 9, 2016 • 2 Comments

I believe I am now finished with the fixes to the mesh and the textures. The ships bussards are crap so they will get redone in final scenes. I think I’ll go with a more ‘ST-Enterprise’ type red with the fractal noise pattern. The bussards also get done in post and these images are single pass renders.

Now, on to scenes! (?):)

Conqueror Class 5
Conqueror Class 6
Conqueror Class 7

The past… Pt.2

•June 7, 2016 • 1 Comment

Plugging away on texture recreation for the Conqueror. Have my hull textures (mostly) done. The bump and specular maps as well. A few slight adds likely needed and then on to the nacelles and turrets. I might even be able to create a scene or two.

Conqueror Class 3
Conqueror Class 4

The past by definition my future

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Um mm… What!?

Okay, odd, I know.

I seem to be gravitating back towards older projects of late. I had this hankering to do a scene or two using my Conqueror mesh only to find it had older textures. I looked everywhere and I only had textures I created (many…many…) years ago for it. Then I noticed a couple of mesh errors and realized this was the first version I created. The one I really liked is lost.


So, of course I have to now fix it. I recreated the turrets (improved on the lost version) and added a couple of small tweaks to the nacelle. Most of the time has been recreating the textures. Here is the new (version 3) mesh with one new diffuse texture applied. Still needs some slight doodads. I’ll get to the specular and bump maps later. As with my lost version 2 textures, I increased the circumferential panel count to 16 from 8 as seen in the Museum drawings. I left the longitudinal count alone.

So far –

Conqueror Class #1
Conqueror Class 2

Another (waste of my time) Project

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I am a past fan of Magic the Gathering. At one time, up until the Ice Age release (if that means anything to you), I was an avid player. Would buy entire booster boxes (from a distributor) with hundreds of cards. Sold and traded, played pick up games and in tournaments. At one time I had (literally) about 3,000 cards and 7 really effective tourney decks.

And then.

I had to quit.

Cold turkey except for my copy of the old Microprose PC game, which I still have, I walked away. I gave (not sold) my entire collection to this guy I knew at work who had just got started. I have since watched with amusement the changes and ways the game has evolved over the years and even tried the online version for a short while. So with that interest I recently came across, and probably the (next to) last person to know this, a card creator site. I was so intrigued that I had to create a couple of cards just for the fun of it. Would love to get these made up and included in a deck.

Resurrection Dragon
Chaos Hammer

Just another example of how off track I can get.


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