Back to Capella – Pt. 2

•May 7, 2015 • 2 Comments

Okay, that was odd.

I had this rare and annoying mapping issue crop up while working on the Capella. I had assigned material values to all the various parts that make up the hull and then UVW mapped them. The top / bottom sections worked out fine (as seen in previous post). I then added to the stack a UVW modifier for the side sections and, well, crap ensued. Test renders would sometimes be correct and sometimes show the texture stretched and random polys would have nothing but dark (as if no map or material value assigned). I had seen this before and used various methods known to fix it.

Nothing.    Still does it.    Sheet.    So…

Take 2.

I removed all the material and UVW assignments and saved the file out with a new name. Then I imported the mesh into a new file (so the material library would load clean). Then I disassembled all the objects into either a horizontal facing top element, horizontal facing bottom element or a vertical facing element. I then attached these various pieces together. When I went back to the UVW modifier and set everything up – presto. That worked.


Not much to show as the troubleshooting took up a lot of the time I had to work on this. I fixed an alignment issue I had with the bottom texture (that I knew was there but was hard to see) and got the nacelles done. Have some minor tweaking to the main maps yet and all the small parts to finish.

Star Trek Capella Class
Star Trek Capella Class
Star Trek Capella Class

Back to the Capella

•April 30, 2015 • 2 Comments

Got back to work on a few projects I have sitting around. This is one I really have wanted to finish – the Capella Class from the Star Fleet Museum. I was looking at the mesh and felt the docking hatch and portholes were not scaled correctly so I removed and then cut them back in. I also tweaked the basic top/bottom main texture for the hull and applied it. I think, other than a couple of parts left to clone, I can finish up the textures for this one.

Happy Days :)

Star Fleet Capella Class
Star Fleet Capella Class
Star Fleet Capella Class
Star Fleet Capella Class

AmazonFresh to Space!

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In case you missed this, Jeff Bezos funded Blue Origins successfully (mostly) launched their New Sheppard system. Was a very secretive launch with no press announcements in advance. I had not really been watching what Blue Origins has been up to as I thought Jeff Bezos had lost focus on this project. The capsule portion of the test went off without any hitches (according to the press release). The booster, which is reusable, had a failure in the recovery system and was lost. They seem to know what it was and have already started fixing the #2 and #3 test booster.

I chuckled a bit on the New Sheppard, it looks like a vertical launch version of a Flash Gordon or other 1930’s era serial spaceship. On the other hand, I get a bit misty in the eye when I see these private companies doing what so many of us have dreamed about. In the video above, the look in the faces of those people watching their rocket liftoff reminds me when I used to go out and launch Estes rockets. I always dreamed of doing what these folks are doing.

And now the ISS can order from Amazon and get 2 day delivery! :) Wonder if Prime covers that? :)

Gallery Updates

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Not much to see (here) folks! I realized that many of my finished projects have never been put into the gallery page on the site. Back in the day, WordPress use to made it pretty easy to categorize or attach an image to the gallery post upload. Meaning, if I first associated it to a blog entry I could go back and ‘reassign’ it to my gallery.

Not no more.

So, I had to do some fancy footwork and fixed it. Now a number of missed entries are now in the gallery. For those that drop by but do not cruise all the old entries (with so many WIP items that never get done) you can easily just see the finished work now. More to come (I have way too many image pages to wade through :)).


•April 21, 2015 • 3 Comments

Just practicing some rendering and post-prod techniques. Grabbed my Moskva mesh and an APOD sourced ISS image. The ISS image is actually the ISS as seen from above with a great view of the Earth. I played with the planet after removing the ISS and the solar panels from the Soyuz (guessing on that) that took the picture.

Anyway – here it is.

Starfleet Museum Ship

Other Space – Yahoo ! (?)

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Other Space
Okay, sucked in by the new, 8 part, sci-fi mini series just launched on Yahoo. In the vein of Red Dwarf, it follows the exploits of a small crew of unlikely explorers. They find themselves trapped in an entirely new universe after they get sucked (flushed – watch and you’ll get it) through a momentary tear between ours and another universe.

Unique to Yahoo with oddly appealing sets, costumes and effects – I did not see this coming. It just landing today and I ‘what the hell’d’ it. Each episode is about 25 minutes plus a few (poorly timed) inserted commercials. A few of the actors actually have some skill in delivering lines. I had hoped for better humor given the shows overall tone (think Quark – the Richard Benjamin series). Both Quark and Red Dwarf pull off the satire much better but Other Space does twist here and there with some serious undertones.

Destroyer (Honor Harrington) Texture Pt-3

•March 18, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Well I am still no further along on cloning parts to finish out this little ship. Work and life have interrupted once again. Damn it :)

Also, I found a neat set of new grunge brushes that will be perfect for specular map creation. I redid the maps I had and got the look I want. The resulting maps were also an acceptable size (under 600KB).

As always, thanks for looking folks!

Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic

Destroyer (Honor Harrington) Texture Pt-2

•March 13, 2015 • 1 Comment

A revisit on the initial texture. I have made a few changes to the base color and redid some of the lines. The bridge section now needs attention as well as the lower hull center section. The application is just a plain top side planar application.

Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic


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