Why not, a Romulan?

•March 26, 2019 • 1 Comment

I have no idea why I did this. I was messing around with smoothing a basic extruded block and saw this design start to emerge. A few (cumulative) hours later I had this hull design that reminded me of a Romulan. I kept tweaking it over a few weeks and settled on this.

Yeah, it’ll get textured one of these days (months, years, decades!).

A random update

•March 26, 2019 • 1 Comment

So many months and so little accomplished. What’s new with that? Well, to be fair I painted myself into this little corner. About a year ago I asked my company if I moved could I become a work from home (remote) employee?

(I was moving 180 miles east so no commute possibility).

They said – sure! Turns out they wanted my office anyhow! And, to be fair, while I live and work in Washington state my real office is in Chicago which I only visit 3-4 times a year.

What’s that got to do with anything? Thanks for asking!

My company is more devious than I knew. Turns out, when you work from home, you do more work than when you’re in an office! Well, most people.

I did most of my rendering at work. I would setup rendering tasks in the office and let them run for post work later. Just cannot find the time now to do that. Still modeling though.

So for that update. Some additional detail work and slight mods on my Star Trek project. I have completed my meshes on the starships. Updated and properly scaled warp nacelles and other widgets.

Have to figure out how to find time to texture and render.

Douglas Rain, dead at 90

•November 12, 2018 • 1 Comment

Douglas Rain died Sunday, November 12.  I won’t be one of those that copies a eulogy so go here for that.

Rains performance was pitch perfect for that film. I am still amazed when viewing 2001 how chilling HAL is as a sympathetic villian. Whenever I see an ad for Alexa, or remind myself not to enable Siri, I hear his voice.

That’s no moon – continued…

•November 5, 2018 • Leave a Comment

More work on the VERY extended range explorer project.  I tweaked the warp nacelle design, a bit, and updated the starship that accompanies the explorer.  I also decided that the complement of ships housed would include two different class of ships.  Each would have a specific mission type but have a fair number of shared capabilities.  They also would have similar base components to make maintenance easier.

Here is the revised ‘Class 1’ ship

Here is the ‘Class 2’ ship

That’s no Moon! It’s a….

•September 10, 2018 • 2 Comments

Well, it’s not a space station either.

Welcome to another addition to my version of Star Trek. This “little” guy is a post-Dominion war deep space explorer. Built around Earth CE 2400 (Stardate 77001.36), this is one of 4 such ships commissioned. It uses a Federation designed transwarp drive that emulates Borg technology. These ships were sent to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to ‘seek out new…yadda, yadda, yadda’.

The Federation transwarp device works great for extreme distances but not so much for your basic 1-500 light year hop. To meet its primary objective each ship carries a complement of 8 Federation cruisers and a large contingent of smaller warp shuttles. The primary ship does its best to arrive close to a star that one would expect no life to have evolved around – not to scare the natives or start a freak’n war.

I heavily borrowed from existing Masao pre-Federation and Trek space station design on this.

Here is the cruiser (yet to be named) that tags along for the ride.

Now, what are the odds I’ll ever finish this?

Lesser Known Trek Ships

•May 16, 2018 • 4 Comments

Moved another of my (mostly) finished ‘lesser known’ Star Trek ships over to my (ahem) render station. I’m thinking I will create just a section for these when (if) I get enough done to warrant it. Means writeups on each – ah man!

Fleet Drone

•May 15, 2018 • 4 Comments

Here is my take on a Federation defense drone. I know that this piece of ubiquitous technology came long after Star Trek (you name the series) but may have been hinted at in the Borg episode ‘Best of Both Worlds – Part II’ with the Mars perimeter ships that were destroyed. I know one of you out there will know way more about this than me.

This is a post-Dominion War design. With all the carnage of that conflict and the losses incurred, the Federation needed to fortify against future threats. This little ship utilizes all kinds of crap they talk about in Star Trek and then forget they ever came up with it.

1) No Warp drive as it is not required, it is built at the system it defends. I suppose you could ferry them out in some undefined transport.
2) Twin impulse engines housed on either side of the main body
3) Reactors power phaser arrays that encompass the forward half of each impulse nacelle
4) Utilizes regenerative shielding
5) Has 8 dorsal photon launchers
6) Deploys interphase cloak (the hell with treaties)
7) Advanced AI used to employ offensive and defensive strategies against targets identified by local central command (does require three levels of authentication to activate and must come from a hardcoded list of in system transmitters – no ‘Ultimate Computer’ issues).
8) No crew

This little beast is essentially a non-warp Defiant class ship at about 75M in length. I am assuming most major systems would have 40 to 50 of these things laying around in wait. They could easily take on a Borg cube or two at the same time and win. Maybe a First Federation ship could bat them off but, hey, they like us (if they still even exist 🙂 )

Star Fleet Museum – the Book

•April 6, 2018 • Leave a Comment

Star Fleet Museum Book
Yes, that’s correct, there is now a very cool book version of the Star Trek Museum available. The book is written by Masao Okazaki and edited by Dan Carlson. It is available at Lulu.com. There is no price markup on the book, this is being sold at no profit, the retail covers the printers cost.

Shameless plug – it does contain some renderings done by me that I have contributed previously to the museum as well as some specific to the book.

On another note – 9 months since my last post! Whaaaaaat?

Have to work on that.