Model – Mesh – Model

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Odd title but make sense to me. I had toyed a few months back (probably longer) at making some of my meshes into 3D printed kits. I reworked a few models into low volume and reasonably scaled objects that could be printed commercially and easily built into a nice desk display. The key word there was ‘commercially’. As I have no link to my ‘for sale’ kits you can see that went nowhere! That stuff is just not cheap no matter what the various websites say! And I am not going to buy a printer anytime soon!

While I was on that specific modelling tangent I had the following idea. It stemmed from a project some years ago where I had decided to build a few Warhammer type tanks to go with my, then, large physical model tank collection. Those of you who know me may recall I was a moderately obsessed model tank builder. All gone know. But I loved the Warhammer kits and wanted to craft my own. I mocked a few up in 3D Max with the idea of making kit templates to scratch build them. I had parts that I could resin cast and spare detail parts to use. Sadly, the real estate requirement (and cost) killed the collection and idea. But I found this in my archives and thought I could print it. Too expensive.

So here is the raw mesh without some of the finer details (that would have come from the model spares box). Maybe I could add them and have fun with this. Maybe.

gobsmasher 1
gobsmasher 2
gobsmasher 3

Anderman Empire – Cruiser

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Well, I think so anyway :)

I really need to work on scene composition and post production work some more. If I stopped playing around in the modeller and stayed focused on a project I may find time for that.

Ships name is Donnager. I stole borrowed the name from the Expanse (books / SyFy series). I like the name and it fits into the Anderman naming convention.

Thanks for looking!

Anderman Cruiser

More Honerverse – Pt 4

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Painful. That sums up my persistent use of an outdated 3D system and it’s corresponding hardware platform. But – as I am cheap – I get what (I don’t) pay for! :)


I have tried various ‘new’ ideas on texturing this new cruiser. I tried a real large specular map that was applied to the ship and then just used standard material editor colors applied to various parts and sections. The idea was to save memory and reduce render times. Yeah, looked like crap. Then I tried a variation of the (unfinished) super Wasp rebuild I was doing. This was various Multi-Layer materials using that same specular map idea. Well, looked better but not good enough. Oh, and render times increased.


I went back to my tried and true method. I opened Photo Shop and painted a full series of texture maps. Took a while to do all that and my render times are back up. I have a single sample image with just the one map applied to the main hull. The rest of the model is using just the old material editor colors which I will have to fix. This ‘basic’ render took 1hr and 16 minutes. The shadow mapping and fill light cause some of the time delay.

Anderman Cruiser #10

Possibilities – Trek Design Concept

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Another Trek inspired ship design. Had this laying around and was playing with it while the Andermani Cruiser was rendering out. I cloned a few parts that would be duplicates (ya know: pylons and Bussards, etc.). This would be a ship in my own Trek multiverse setting. Not TOS and certainly not JJ verse! I hate JJ verse! But, I digress…

I am looking at a Constitution type design that would be fun to put into a few scenes.

A Star Trek concept #1
A Star Trek concept #2
A Star Trek concept #3
A Star Trek concept #4
A Star Trek concept #5

More Honorverse – Pt 3

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So the Imperial Anderman Empire cruiser is complete. All the parts are cloned and textured. So, probably need to put a scene together now.

Yeah, that’s gonna happen :) !

Anderman Cruiser #7
Anderman Cruiser #8
Anderman Cruiser #9

More Honorverse stuff – Pt 2

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More work done on the Andermani Cruiser. I started appling ‘paint’ to the model and cloned out a couple of parts that have multiple instances on the ship. I am trying an approach with a single specular map on the main body and then regular textures created in the editor for everything else. Still have a way to go on this but won’t have to spend a lot of time in PhotoShop.

My poor little render station and old version of MAX still do not like the complexity of the mesh (especially with the light rig active). Hope I don’t wear it out!

Anderman Cruiser 4
Anderman Cruiser 5
Anderman Cruiser 6

More Honorverse stuff

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Note: Yes, I know I have wandered again. It’s a very serious problem I have. Sorry.

I have switched back to working on my various Honor Harrington universe ships. To the purists out there please understand these are my interpretations based on my imagining from the novels, the book art as well as BuNine work.

That out of the way, I have gone back and redone my earlier PRN design approach as well as that I had done for the Andermann Empire. These are both cruiser designs. The PRN is slightly more heavy or clunky versus other fleet designs and I tried to think in terms of Soviet in the approach. The Andermann design is more elegant, not overly concerned about high rate of construction needs (as they have no concern on budget issue and just keep building) but not as heavily armed (with missile throw weight).

Here we go:

Andermann Cruiser 1
Andermann Cruiser 2
Andermann Cruiser 3

PRN (Havenite) Cruiser 1
PRN (Havenite) Cruiser 2
PRN (Havenite) Cruiser 3

Each model has various parts that will need to be cloned so there are clearly parts missing.

It’s Aliens – Maybe, yes

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Okay, this is (possibly) the coolest way to end my week. The following is a follow up article to one that discusses some strange sh@t going on at a star Kepler tagged some number of years ago. This story will give you the original article and that one will give you a link to the research paper. There is going to be some serious follow ups to this that you’ll read in the articles and it will take months if not years to get an idea of what it really is.

A Dyson Sphere?

Normally I chuckle at these things but read the articles. It’s pretty interesting. At the very least, if this is not some alien mega structure(s), it is something new we have not yet observed around the 150,000 stars we have Kepler data on.


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