2022 (6)

Well I returned to work on my TNG precursor Voyager ship. I started drawing the various textures it will require and it’s been fun. They are all based on a 3K sized saucer section which allows for some fun details. I know that a lot of people now do 8K image sizing but I think my computer would literally melt if I tried something like that.

I have also refined the genesis of this ship, this is not a class of ships but just a technology demonstrator. I’ve given it the registration of NX-36000 and the name Albacore. The name is taken from the submarine USS Albacore AGSS-569 which was, in a sense, a naval technology demonstrator and served for 2 decades as a test bed and technology research vessel. (I’ve had the pleasure of visiting her.)

At this point I have the hardest textures done though I may add a few minor details to them before moving on to the final few I’ll need. I have also thought about the scene for this as opposed to just another model shot. I’m thinking of building a specific space station for it but keeping the details quiet since I have not decided for sure yet.

~ by cp40guy on June 27, 2022.

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