2022 (1)


It’s been awhile. I won’t bore you with the details (because you know ya don’t really want to know 🙂 ). Suffice to say I was pretty busy with other stuff.

And… Truth be told, I sort of got blocked creatively.

I had a few things in the pipeline (one below) and was revisiting my Harrington ships project. More on that some other time. With the new year and all my not mentioning stuff out of the way, I’m back to noodling around in my sandbox.

Still, slowly, working on SFM ships. A fair while back I built a bunch of low poly museum ships for a scene with ships in a distance (never finished – SHOCK). Some of these are now in my queue for updating. The most current is the Quetzalcoatl class. It’s cool because you can fill it full of shuttles and fighters!

I have tried to add some tweaks while also staying true to Masao’s original design. The textures are also big so it is taking some time to get it finished.

I have also started a new Atolm designed ship I found digging through his archives. I’d never seen it before but it fits in nicely with my small ships series I have been doing. It’s an Aymara class scout / corvette size ship. I’m gonna have to ask to be sure. Anyway, here’s what I threw together the other day.

I think I pretty much have it done. His original drawing was perspective only (last image is pretty close). I sized it out roughly and had to guess on a few bits. I like it.

More to follow 🙂

~ by cp40guy on January 24, 2022.

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