2022 (13)

Ta Da!

I thought I would never finish this. The Atolm YTJ6600 Star Wars ship is complete. I got real stuck on the greeble work and then texture application was a beast. I did not think this through enough so that I could unwrap the model. So, since all I really do is a single beauty shot, I decided to ‘hand paint’ some of the details.

I rendered the entire thing out with the main shadow and fill lights is one pass (4.65 hours at 4K resolution) and then the specular lighting layer. I also saved as a PNG (ultra high) so that I would get a crisp Alpha layer.

Then, finally, in Photoshop I grunged up and streaked each panel one by one. Once I got going it was remarkably fast (~5 hours). Yep, not likely to do that again.

I should note, my computer is very, very old. My ‘GPU’ is first generation and only 128MB. Was awesome in the day but….

Anyway – really like the result.

~ by cp40guy on October 12, 2022.

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