2022 (12)

Greebles, nurnies, widgets… whatevers!

I knew that building a Star Wars inspired design would require, at some point, the addition of the infamous Geeble! You know, those little nonsensical items that populate otherwise smooth surfaces on spaceships. Luckily for me, the Atolm design was not very heavy on such details so I was spared (or so I thought) the need to overdo it.

I first broke out the area that needed the detailing and moved them to 3D Max. I have a greeble plugin which I applied to these panels. After an hour or so of playing with the panels I realized that I could not get scales and randomness correct for a Star Wars ship.


I concluded that the panels needed to be broken up so that the plugin could be more random. I could then get scale and variation more aligned to what one would expect to see. So, a couple of hours later… Nope, fail.


I opened Wings 3D and copied the panels out into a new project and started slapping boxes on the surfaces and doodling details. I did not want to go crazy because you really won’t see these up close. This, however, took many hours. More than my attention span can handle to be honest. I am happier though with the finished project (greebling). I still need to add small random surface details to the hull which will be fairly simple.

Next big project is the engine exhaust detailing and then (dreaded) smoothing checks.

Port view
Aft starboard perspective

~ by cp40guy on September 14, 2022.

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