2022 (11)

Just finished a few weeks off with family visitors, very exciting and very busy! So, not much (rightfully) going on with hobbies otherwise.

I’ve continued to play with AI art text-to-image generation. I think I’ve now tried (trying) 6 different tools. Playing with all the ‘free’ ones right now to experiment with prompt writing. It is also interesting to see how certain prompts transfer to other platforms. I plan, soon I think, to sign up for Midjourney. Midjourney seems best but you burn through your plan very quickly. So, for now, I am mostly practicing with variouis Diffusion colabs and NightCafe.

The Google Diffusion colab, which is pretty awesome, takes a long time to render (the free version only uses low end GPU’s if you are not familiar which drags performance). While I run batches I have had some time to continue with my Star Wars (Atolm) project.

Lots of panel cutting and extruding. And, as with first attempts noted previously, I’ll render progress shots to then find errors in what I did. These WIP images are the latest after a few ‘redos’.


~ by cp40guy on August 26, 2022.

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