2022 (4)

Back from a long break.

Traveled east for a fair number of weeks to visit family. No computer (and it is rude to spend time playing). Came back and spent a couple of weeks working on a new Honor Harrington universe ship. Did not turn out so well. I modeled it in WIngs3D and it has lots of details and a fair number of polys, the ship looks very nice. My (very old) computer cannot handle the scene when imported to 3DMax 😦 . It takes literally minutes to do anything in the viewer. So, shelving it.

So, happily, back to Trek stuff. I built a new ship for my ‘seldom seen’ series of Federation ships (below). As yet unnamed class but it is a precursor to the Intrepid (Voyager) class ships. It is a very early TNG era ship design.

This is in the ‘texture queue’ now (we all know what that means!)

I’ve also started to finish one of the Star Fleet Museum ships I have sitting around. One day I’ll get to most or all of them. Here is the Quetzalcoatl class. This started a long time ago as a filler ship for the Museum model I’d built so it was very low poly (better suited for a game). I’ve started the textures on it as I feel pretty good about the model. The textures are all 4K as that’s about the limit I can go without render station fits.

As always, thank you for visiting and taking a glance!

~ by cp40guy on May 12, 2022.

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