2021 (6)

Another item I have meant to finish for a long time.

I was looking through my Star Fleet Museum files as I wanted to update my Amarillo and Krechet Class ships that were rendered as smaller screen sizes. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my Krechet model files but did find this incomplete Amarillo wreck model.

I had done a wrecked alien ship a long time ago as a scene but was not happy with it. I always wanted to try again hoping to improve the result. Don’t know why this was sitting there because this was better.

I had only needed to add a background to this and do some minor post work. The post file for the model has about twelve layers and then a few more in Photoshop.

Star Trek Amarillo class
Kursk demise

The scene is the UES Kursk adrift after having her missile bays blown away in combat with a Cabbage class Romulan cruiser. The Kursk inflicted heavy damage on the larger vessel before meeting her demise. The wreck would later be salvaged by the Romulans giving insights to Earth warp technology.

~ by cp40guy on October 31, 2021.

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  1. Hi I came across this image of the wreck of the UES KURSK. It was not on this site, but I am not sure if it was on a DeviantArt page. The devastation was unbelievable. I didn’t take into consideration the missle bays in the upper portion of the bow. The image brought on several questions. Were the lights seen in the interior of the hull fires, or other sources, such as lighting, or fires from the exposed core or other sources? The overall effect is to shock the viewer. It looks like no one would have had a chance to survive this situation. Though some poor chap might have been in a more armored compartment, and survived though is wounded or dying from radiation exposure. Man this would make a great story. I noted the debries floating on the starboard side, and it made me think did you ever consider adding a body or two which would be normal in as destructive situation such as this one? That big of a hull breach would have created massive numbers of death from explosive decompression. You did a great job on this image. The Romulan-Earth War would have created many such incidents. The missing nacelle and mountIng pylon was a marvelous touch. Great work, and best of luck in your future endeavors. Cheers.

    • Thanks for visiting and the comments! Those are fires inside the hull. I’ve seen fire experiments from the ISS showing how fire just balls.

      The lack of bodies comes from the original series episode ‘Balance of Terror’ with Spock stating the war left no quarter.

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