2021 (2)

Yeah, okay, been awhile. Partially due to having moved (twice) this year. Moved from the west coast eastward. Had everything in storage for months.

Additionally, I discovered a number of my designs are not very photogenic. I really can’t tell until I put a model into Max and try to build a scene. A tried using my Tern class, which I really think came out good, but it just looks poorly in the scenes that were completed. Hung me up for some time.

I then moved on to some new projects that seem more promising. Time will tell. One is my take on a post TOS but pre TNG Romulan Bird of Prey. I had to redo the textures as the originals just weren’t up to par. Looks way better and I have a couple of scenarios for scenes.

I noticed that two completed projects never made it to my gallery but are in my DA gallery. Sloppy of me.

I finished my Silimias autonomous drone and my updated Ptolemy class.

The Silimias scene is three drones on patrol –

Silimias Class

The Ptolemy scene is the ship in orbit of Mars after being completed at the Utopia Planitia yards. The ship is performing final calibrations before it’s shakedown cruise.


As always, thanks for looking. Hope all is well with you all!

~ by cp40guy on September 28, 2021.

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