Commentary 2020.01 – An Endeavour

Despise or admire him? Crazy man or visionary? Some say the former but I say the later. Elon Musk is a true pioneer and has put the US back into a preeminent leadership position in space exploration.

I watched the launch yesterday (5/30/2020) and was beyond thrilled with the perfect launch and the first stage recovery. My wife, who thinks space is a waste of money was probably more excited and cried through the hole thing. She is a free market champion and saw this as our future (and to be honest she was looking for something inspiring from the current news). She called our granddaughter and video chatted with her during the whole thing from 30 minutes before launch through stage-2 separation.

SpaceX is going to put humans on Mars and beyond. China and Russia want the moon for military dominance and economic greed. The US, onto itself, has lost it’s way. Bezos and Branson just want to make money to have people look down from the highest point possible.

I watched the docking this morning (prefect and early). Now the ship has been christened Endeavour. I know the crew named it after the shuttle and the Apollo 15 ships but it is an incredible name. It goes beyond the homage and looks to the future of our travels, discoveries and accomplishments to come in space.

Thank you SpaceX and thank you Elon Musk.

~ by cp40guy on May 31, 2020.

One Response to “Commentary 2020.01 – An Endeavour”

  1. Absolutely agree!!! I’ve seen it all starting with the X-15 and Alan Shepard’s first flight when I was a little boy. Elon is the best.

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