Update 2020 (3)

Notice I have tired of pithy titles.

Minor update as texturing progresses. I really hate texturing because I am so OC about them. I ran a quick pass (non composited) today with the lower half of the hull applied. I like the interior illumination of the cabin / rooms better than on the saucer. I can remedy the saucer but it will take a bit of work.

Not sure why the deflector needs to glow (though I have done that on previous ships) but it is how they started to do it with TNG ships. That could use a tweak as well.

I also have adjusted the smoothing on all the various object elements after importing the Wings mesh into MAX. Takes a bit of time.

The name is KENNEDY but that is a placeholder. I’d like to name these ships after great bodies of water that explorers needed to traverse.

~ by cp40guy on February 19, 2020.

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