Update 2020 (2)

I previously posted an idea I had about an extreme explore ship that could carry multiple star ships inside of it. I long ago completed the models but have been hesitant / stuck on completing with textures. Just a simple update on progress to one of the items that will (may) comprise the set.

This would be one of the compliment ships carried by the main ship.

Completed the saucer principal texture but still have a few tweaks in mind. I just unwrapped the hull mesh and started in the texture for it.

~ by cp40guy on February 4, 2020.

2 Responses to “Update 2020 (2)”

  1. Wow! Beautiful Andy would love it!

  2. Looks good, like a small(ish) general purpose ship that the big carrier ship can deploy for whatever tasks it needs done. I like the textures so far.

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