So, been a while

I just noticed it is almost 1 year since my last post! I have been pretty busy and had a few things happen that have focused my attention elsewhere. Still been modelling stuff however. I did lose the use of my laptop, which I used to connect to the internet, early last year. My render station (which is older) is never allowed to connect to the web. I use my tablet most of the time these days.


Finally finished a couple of projects I wanted to get of my desk before doing anything else. Just for fun stuff but I admit I rushed some to clear them. This year I hope to make a move to a new production suite like Blender or some such. I have a forever license to Houdini I never have done much with. Also looking to replace the laptop with an up to date machine with latest graphics card and either an i5 or i9 processor.

And again, anyway…

These two items were recently added to my DA gallery but am adding here s well.

My DS9 1950’s style model

A redo of Atolm’s Romulan interceptor (revised textures)

~ by cp40guy on February 3, 2020.

2 Responses to “So, been a while”

  1. Beautiful! So nice to see you back!

  2. Great to see you back. I like that 1950s picture a lot. And, the Romulan ship is sweet too.

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