Fleet Drone

Here is my take on a Federation defense drone. I know that this piece of ubiquitous technology came long after Star Trek (you name the series) but may have been hinted at in the Borg episode ‘Best of Both Worlds – Part II’ with the Mars perimeter ships that were destroyed. I know one of you out there will know way more about this than me.

This is a post-Dominion War design. With all the carnage of that conflict and the losses incurred, the Federation needed to fortify against future threats. This little ship utilizes all kinds of crap they talk about in Star Trek and then forget they ever came up with it.

1) No Warp drive as it is not required, it is built at the system it defends. I suppose you could ferry them out in some undefined transport.
2) Twin impulse engines housed on either side of the main body
3) Reactors power phaser arrays that encompass the forward half of each impulse nacelle
4) Utilizes regenerative shielding
5) Has 8 dorsal photon launchers
6) Deploys interphase cloak (the hell with treaties)
7) Advanced AI used to employ offensive and defensive strategies against targets identified by local central command (does require three levels of authentication to activate and must come from a hardcoded list of in system transmitters – no ‘Ultimate Computer’ issues).
8) No crew

This little beast is essentially a non-warp Defiant class ship at about 75M in length. I am assuming most major systems would have 40 to 50 of these things laying around in wait. They could easily take on a Borg cube or two at the same time and win. Maybe a First Federation ship could bat them off but, hey, they like us (if they still even exist 🙂 )

~ by cp40guy on May 15, 2018.

4 Responses to “Fleet Drone”

  1. Interesting design for an automated combat ship. I always wondered why we never saw them again but I guess they are meant for defence of Federation territory and not front line use like we saw from manned ships in DS9. Still, you would think more automated vessels would be a thing in Star Trek.

    One slight quibble I have with the specs is the use of an interphase cloak. I doubt the Federation would abrogate the treaties they have with the Romulans and the Klingons, limiting cloaking technology, so easily despite the tactical advantage. I also always surmised that interphase cloak turned out to be unworkable at some point, which is why the other powers never took advantage of it.

  2. This looks great, I like the design a lot. I agree on the cloak, that shouldn’t exist. It was shown that (with few exceptions) the Federation honors its treaties. I doubt they would risk inciting an incident with the Romulans by openly using cloaking technology on any of their ships. The only reason the Defiant used a cloak was because it was “on loan” from the Romulans and was used under strict guidelines, though once or twice Sisko did violate that agreement, something he likely kept out of his log.

    • And thank you too! 🙂

      The thing with the cloak and I agree with you both on the treaty concern, is that the ship can’t really go anywhere. Having the cloak on a non-warp capable ship does not seem, to me, to be a threat to the Klingons or Romulans (unless they’re up to something – hmmm…). It’s like a mine in the respect that you can’t see it until too late. Sisko deployed a self-replicating, cloaked, minefield.

      Hey, #9 – Self-replicates!!!!! (kidding)

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