The Museum – One More Time!

Okay, I think after Dan’s thoughts on this I saw the light. The BAWS (Big A$$ Window Sections) are big exhibit areas. The BAWS are where you can see various things discovered while exploring different planets. Ancient Earth and other Federation scientific milestones around space flight can be seen here. Each floor is about 2 and 1/2 stories in height.

Yes Dan, a Federation Smithsonian. 🙂

Unfortunately, I could not just ‘fix’ the one section the way I wanted. I tried but got some strange smoothing issue that was going to take way too long to fix. So I ended up rebuilding (can we just admit it – for the 5th time!) the whole darn thing. I did, IMHO, a much better job on the small shuttle bays (doors closed in WIPs) and main docking doors. The shuttle doors have properly round corners now versus the hard bevels in past versions.

I omitted the big vents in this new version that I had built into the main hanger dome. The vents where as large as some of the biggest ships. I could not fathom why they needed to be so big. They will be textured in and smaller. I also removed that big ring I added on the dome that does not exist in any version of Masao’s original drawings. On the interior I fixed the hanger to be more open, my last version had a more enclosed area that does not match the drawings I have and made for some fit issues.

And, of course, I need to texture the beast now.

Star Fleet Museum Model
Star Fleet Museum Model


~ by cp40guy on February 7, 2017.

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