I'm a work'n on it

It’s been a year!


Nothing since 2016! Ha, I crack me up.

Okay, I have been stuck on a project. I have been trying to do a Star Fleet Museum scene that has a bunch of ships in it. Ya know, since the museum would have a bunch of ships. The first challenge is getting everything scaled. None of my ships where built with any standard size setting so I have to figure out a way to get them all scaled appropriately when merged.

The bigger issue that is killing me is the museum itself. The museum, based off a J class station, has these enormous windows that wrap around the column that connects the upper and lower docking hangers. I never took the time to figure out how big they were but had created a texture that let one know they are windows. Having placed ships in the museum model gave me a sense of the window scale issue.

Here is the problem. As you can see, the windows or gallery, is about 10 stories. Eek!

I am trying to figure out a way to possibly segment them so they make more sense. Seems like a little thing but it flummoxes me!