It’s been a year!

Nothing since 2016! Ha, I crack me up.

Okay, I have been stuck on a project. I have been trying to do a Star Fleet Museum scene that has a bunch of ships in it. Ya know, since the museum would have a bunch of ships. The first challenge is getting everything scaled. None of my ships where built with any standard size setting so I have to figure out a way to get them all scaled appropriately when merged.

The bigger issue that is killing me is the museum itself. The museum, based off a J class station, has these enormous windows that wrap around the column that connects the upper and lower docking hangers. I never took the time to figure out how big they were but had created a texture that let one know they are windows. Having placed ships in the museum model gave me a sense of the window scale issue.

Here is the problem. As you can see, the windows or gallery, is about 10 stories. Eek!

Museum Scale issue

I am trying to figure out a way to possibly segment them so they make more sense. Seems like a little thing but it flummoxes me!


~ by cp40guy on January 27, 2017.

4 Responses to “It’s been a year!”

  1. Based on a couple visits to museum ships and to the Air and Space Museum Annex, I strongly suspect that most of the central core is off limits to the public. The upper and lower sections house the ships on display, but there’s got to be some working hangars (for lack of a better term). I visualize that the ring with the windows, illustrated by your cross section, is about all there is for public access. Maybe display galleries that open directly onto the outer concourse. Anything further in to the core would be for Museum employees.

    Maximizing viewing space would make the most sense. Unless you plan on getting REALLY close to the windows, I don’t think you need to design much detail for the interior…

    If you’d like a little inspiration, scroll down this page to see some interesting real world architecture with some similar features:

    For example, some sections could have those balconies you have in the cross section, while other intervening segments could be full-height rooms, like this:

    Also, what would people do to get around? Walking, of course, and transporter to get in and out of the station. But what about an open air turbolift car around the ring? Basically the Trek equivalent of a monorail. 😉

    • Pretty helpful. I had not considered a gallery that could be full of artifacts or other items that could tell the story of the fleet. I am making some tweaks with a Smithsonian sort of approach.

  2. If you guys can think of anything to make it better, please go ahead. Don’t feel the SFM project has to rely on this. For example, remove one of the ends and shorten the tube. Or use a different class of space station. This isn’t one of my better designs. I’m mostly a ship designer, not a building designer.

  3. PS: Those enormous windows aren’t needed.

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