Lesser Known Trek Ships – Hera

I have been working on new texture treatments using my updated Hera mesh. My hope is to apply what I am doing to the bigger annex project I am working on. I am trying to achieve simpler textures in size that keep detail but dramatically reduce render times. I am trying to abandon the need for SPEC maps and fewer bump maps.

These test images were done using no post effects to see how quick I could get a render done using one pass. Took only a couple of minutes for each. At the detail settings I usually use for shadow (ambient and fill), specular and object illumination; my past approach renders would have been 10-15 minutes for 2 of the four passes I typically make.

This is a twofer for me. I get the Hera done while progressing my annex project. WOOT! WOOT!

Hera Class - Star Fleet - Star Trek
Hera Class - Star Fleet - Star Trek
Hera Class - Star Fleet - Star Trek


~ by cp40guy on December 8, 2016.

7 Responses to “Lesser Known Trek Ships – Hera”

  1. Looking great, bro. Cutting out specular and bump maps definitely reduces render times. For ships of this era, that probably works fine as they don’t need all of that complex hull paneling. For the later eras, you definitely need at least some specular mapping.

  2. Do you have any schematics for this ship or is it something you whipped up totally on your own?

    • The Hera was created by a gentleman named Brian Hirst. He used to hang out at, the now defunct, 3DGladiators site. He designed a few ships that I have modeled but only one has seen the light of day.

      Don’t know what happened to him, he had some good designs.

      Lost the original 4 view plan he created in one of my various storage mishaps.

      • Thanks for the info. A web search was no help. But, such is life. I’ve been thinking of getting back into 3D modeling, and I like this. But, there are other things I can do or I can also do something similar to but different from this.

  3. I found your blog while searching for ships to add to my wargame fleet. The Hera certainly looks the part of a TOS frigate. Is the mesh available? I’d like to try 3D printing it.

    • Sure. You may need to tweak a few things and if you have Wings3D it would be very easy. I have it in OBJ, 3DS, LWO and WINGS (of course) formats. I could export it to STL but, as I note, it would need tweaking.

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