Interlude – Mandelbulb3D, Orbital

I continue to work on my mega Museum Annex project. I have imported a number of the finished ships into Wings3D to scale them to the station. I also get to see how they fit, what can be seen and not seen as well as what tweaks each model needs to work in the scene(s). Unfortunately the renders in W3D look like poo with all the stuff in the modeler so no WIP pics.

In the meantime (always the case with me) I have continued to noodle around in Mandelbulb3D. I have seen how folks can pick out objects in the fractals and make them look like they built a 3D model. I really suck at the program, mostly because I don’t (won’t) take the time to figure out what all the 200+ settings really do. However, I have found that a couple of formulas can really give you varied and interesting result if you just tweak them to death.

Attached is ‘Orbital’ which is an alien something or other (ship, station, planet eater?) I saw when playing with formula adjustments. I had to create my own diffuse map for this that came out pretty good in that there is a hint of panels on the object. I also found it had a cool little ship near it. The only post work on this was adding the flare (minor JJ), putting exhaust plumes on the ship and ‘cleaning’ some minor artifacts that I could not get the rendering calculations to fix for me.

Alien space station or star ship


~ by cp40guy on December 7, 2016.

2 Responses to “Interlude – Mandelbulb3D, Orbital”

  1. That’s a fractal? It looks like you spent long, painful hours in front of the computer bending polygons to your will to create that.

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