Museum Filler – PT3

One last ship and it is a fugly one. The Siegfried! I need a lot of the big ones to populate outside the museum. I have Romulan war ships that are large and some smaller ships to put inside to peek at. Next is to do some tests (no textures yet) to see how I’ll do it.

Yes, it is just a wire-frame.



~ by cp40guy on November 8, 2016.

3 Responses to “Museum Filler – PT3”

  1. Ugh, 3 nacelles. *shudders*

    Excellent modeling, as usual.

  2. The Siegfried may be one ugly dog, but with a super-duper phaser cannon as its main armament, who is going to worry about looks!

  3. “Fugly”? Yeah, maybe. But I needed at least one Franz-Joseph–ish design.

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