Lesser Known Trek Ships (entry 1)

A while back I had an idea of doing a series of ‘lesser known’ TOS era ships. Sort of a Star Fleet Museum approach. The collection would have been a mix of designs other people came up with as well as my own. As you all know by now, I don’t really have the time or the focus to ever get that done I am afraid. That be said, I never really gave up on the idea totally.

I just concluded an extended vacation preceded by a business trip. I had my laptop and Wings3D so I noodled away on a couple of things. First up is a redo of the Hera Class. This is a ship I built years (many years) ago. I cannot recall the original designer to give credit to I am afraid (will if you come forward). UPDATED 10/27/17The ship was designed by Brian Hirst and I used his 2D drawings to build the ship in Autodesk 3D Max. The first model was pretty simple and had poor textures. This mesh is more detailed and will have (some day) really good textures.

Her she is in the modeler view.

View 1 - Hera Class Starship
View 2 - Hera Class Starship
View 3 - Hera Class Starship

Simple but one of my favorite ships to have built.


~ by cp40guy on October 25, 2016.

3 Responses to “Lesser Known Trek Ships (entry 1)”

  1. The design has that Constellation class vibe albeit with two warp nacelles instead of four. I think it is worth exploring in the future in case you ever need inspiration. Strikes me as a large scout ship perhaps. Any more details on this?

  2. It’s kind of a chunky thing, but I like it. It definitely has shades of a mini Constellation class. Great job so far on the model.

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