I'm a work'n on it

Rendering pause – Idle hands


While putting together the task force render (previous post) I had a bunch of free time. My render / 3D station is old and is known to crash while doing big renders so I had to babysit it. And, due to an error on my part, the renders ran exceptionally longer than they should have. I got bored and opened up Wings3D which is on a thumb drive and can run anywhere. I love to mesh-doodle (I’m calling that BTW) as it is so fast and easy to do in Wings. Oddly, I came up with two whole new projects! One I definitely will be finishing and one I’ll noodle over.

The keeper – Gorn Battle Cruiser

I always wanted a big Gorn ship and built an Atolm (Chris Reyes) design some years back. Oddly, the one I picked was actually a mashup he did from other designs and not his favorite. He was kind enough to help create textures for it though. Any ways. I have his designs stored away in a work file and have seen various other versions designed by folks over at DeviantArt and the web. This version ‘borrows’ from many of those approaches but is my interpretation. The one canon version out there I don’t like so choose to ignore :).

The ‘have to think about’ is another Atolm inspired design.

He did a couple of designs with torus style hulls and I always liked them. I doodle (in Wings) ships like them on and off. This one I saved. I need to come up with a ‘main’ hull that will incorporate the impulse engines and other doodads. Again, have to think about it.