The past by definition my future

Um mm… What!?

Okay, odd, I know.

I seem to be gravitating back towards older projects of late. I had this hankering to do a scene or two using my Conqueror mesh only to find it had older textures. I looked everywhere and I only had textures I created (many…many…) years ago for it. Then I noticed a couple of mesh errors and realized this was the first version I created. The one I really liked is lost.


So, of course I have to now fix it. I recreated the turrets (improved on the lost version) and added a couple of small tweaks to the nacelle. Most of the time has been recreating the textures. Here is the new (version 3) mesh with one new diffuse texture applied. Still needs some slight doodads. I’ll get to the specular and bump maps later. As with my lost version 2 textures, I increased the circumferential panel count to 16 from 8 as seen in the Museum drawings. I left the longitudinal count alone.

So far –

Conqueror Class #1
Conqueror Class 2


~ by cp40guy on June 3, 2016.

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