Another (waste of my time) Project

I am a past fan of Magic the Gathering. At one time, up until the Ice Age release (if that means anything to you), I was an avid player. Would buy entire booster boxes (from a distributor) with hundreds of cards. Sold and traded, played pick up games and in tournaments. At one time I had (literally) about 3,000 cards and 7 really effective tourney decks.

And then.

I had to quit.

Cold turkey except for my copy of the old Microprose PC game, which I still have, I walked away. I gave (not sold) my entire collection to this guy I knew at work who had just got started. I have since watched with amusement the changes and ways the game has evolved over the years and even tried the online version for a short while. So with that interest I recently came across, and probably the (next to) last person to know this, a card creator site. I was so intrigued that I had to create a couple of cards just for the fun of it. Would love to get these made up and included in a deck.

Resurrection Dragon
Chaos Hammer

Just another example of how off track I can get.


~ by cp40guy on May 25, 2016.

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