Swordfish and Fighter

Post subtitle; otherwise known as – I’m still around 🙂

I have had almost no time to do anything but work. Work work, housework, yard work and so on. I also have a bad sense of composition so I have been frustrated when I do get to open my toys. I hope to get a few nice images of the Swordfish carrier with one or more of it’s fighters created. I looked at old WW2 images of dive bombers and fighters flying over carriers for inspiration. This is a take on an old SBD Dauntless flying over the USS Enterprise (real one).

Sorry – big image.


Swordfish and Puffins

Designs by Masao


~ by cp40guy on May 11, 2016.

4 Responses to “Swordfish and Fighter”

  1. Glad you could find time to post. I like your concept of the Puffin fighter flying by its mother ship. I recall the photo you speak of and this is a pretty nice tribute.

  2. I’d say your sense of composition is pretty good, Thomas! I’m always drawn to the busy, crowded scenes first, because they look more exciting, but shots like this are great, not the least of which is because they emphasize how “space is big—really big!”

  3. Unlike those of Dauntlesses and CVs, the sizes of Swordfish and Puffers are not known to everyone. Some people might think these ships are about the same size and pretty near each other!

    • Ah, yes, well there is that. I updated the image to include two more fighters. One is coming up along side to line up for a ‘landing’. Good catch. Thanks (as always).

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