Swordfish Carrier (revisited) – Pt 3

Small update.

I have been working on specular maps as work / life time has permitted since last post. I like where this is going and should be able to complete the set very soon. I seem to change my approach, tweak here and there, on how I set up my specular maps. The image below is just a single pass with no separate output layers for post production. If it looks nice in a single run then I am pretty happy.

I have included the little something extra here that I did for this mesh. I have done interiors before and only once rendered out an image using such a mesh. Since this is a carrier and I did the fighters, well…

The interior is not properly lite at the moment as this was just a look see.

Star Trek Swordfish #7
Star Trek Swordfish #8


~ by cp40guy on February 26, 2016.

2 Responses to “Swordfish Carrier (revisited) – Pt 3”

  1. That’s an interesting pattern on the impulse engines… interesting that they’re not symmetrical. (Kinda strange that that’s the detail I noticed, but it’s neat!)

  2. Fighters in the docking bay remind me of Battlestar Galactica. It’s 1978 again.

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