Swordfish Carrier (revisited) – Pt 1

A sort time ago I was looking through some project files I would like to get back to. One that I thought was a slam dunk was my Swordfish carrier mesh that had partial textures. I went back to the source (Masao’s Star Fleet Museum page) and came to the realization I had made a few mistakes on the mesh. That lead to some revisions and do overs. I did so much work that I decided to put my nose to the grindstone and finish this!

Yeah, that’s the idea.

I also tweaked the Penguin Puffin fighter that goes with this and hope to incorporate into the final project.

Yeah on that too 🙂 !

The textures are all based on a 3K base format. What I mean by that is the largest map is 3K and the other maps are all to the same scale. I get a fair amount of drawing detail in that way.

Here she is with just 6 maps applied and another 4 to go. Will have to also create specular and bump maps. I’ll put the Penguin Puffin in the next WIP series but it is colorless at the moment.

(Oops – can’t keep track of my ship class names – Swordfish has Puffin fighters not Penguin! – Edited 2/11/16)

Star Trek Swordfish #1
Star Trek Swordfish #2
Star Trek Swordfish #3
Star Trek Swordfish #4


~ by cp40guy on February 9, 2016.

One Response to “Swordfish Carrier (revisited) – Pt 1”

  1. It’s the ship that’s always happy to see you. (sorry, had to go there)

    Anywho, the textures look good. 3K maps aren’t bad. They’re a good size if you don’t plan to get very close to the hull. I’m interested in seeing the penguin fighter mesh of which you speak.

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