Model – Mesh – Model

Odd title but make sense to me. I had toyed a few months back (probably longer) at making some of my meshes into 3D printed kits. I reworked a few models into low volume and reasonably scaled objects that could be printed commercially and easily built into a nice desk display. The key word there was ‘commercially’. As I have no link to my ‘for sale’ kits you can see that went nowhere! That stuff is just not cheap no matter what the various websites say! And I am not going to buy a printer anytime soon!

While I was on that specific modelling tangent I had the following idea. It stemmed from a project some years ago where I had decided to build a few Warhammer type tanks to go with my, then, large physical model tank collection. Those of you who know me may recall I was a moderately obsessed model tank builder. All gone know. But I loved the Warhammer kits and wanted to craft my own. I mocked a few up in 3D Max with the idea of making kit templates to scratch build them. I had parts that I could resin cast and spare detail parts to use. Sadly, the real estate requirement (and cost) killed the collection and idea. But I found this in my archives and thought I could print it. Too expensive.

So here is the raw mesh without some of the finer details (that would have come from the model spares box). Maybe I could add them and have fun with this. Maybe.

gobsmasher 1
gobsmasher 2
gobsmasher 3


~ by cp40guy on January 26, 2016.

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