Anderman Empire – Cruiser


Well, I think so anyway 🙂

I really need to work on scene composition and post production work some more. If I stopped playing around in the modeller and stayed focused on a project I may find time for that.

Ships name is Donnager. I stole borrowed the name from the Expanse (books / SyFy series). I like the name and it fits into the Anderman naming convention.

Thanks for looking!

Anderman Cruiser


~ by cp40guy on January 19, 2016.

2 Responses to “Anderman Empire – Cruiser”

  1. Looking good! I’ve been meaning to do an Andermani ship myself, sadly, not much time, that and the Honor Harrington stuff aint selling so well, so there’s no demand for new kits… So Sad..

    Took a route I planned on doing myself, with the rounded hammer heads.. guess I have to think of something else!

    • No, do the rounded! Love your stuff and thanks for the note. Your kits look amazing. I wish I had time to get back into physical models – I want all of the ones you guys did so far.

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