More Honerverse – Pt 4

Painful. That sums up my persistent use of an outdated 3D system and it’s corresponding hardware platform. But – as I am cheap – I get what (I don’t) pay for! 🙂


I have tried various ‘new’ ideas on texturing this new cruiser. I tried a real large specular map that was applied to the ship and then just used standard material editor colors applied to various parts and sections. The idea was to save memory and reduce render times. Yeah, looked like crap. Then I tried a variation of the (unfinished) super Wasp rebuild I was doing. This was various Multi-Layer materials using that same specular map idea. Well, looked better but not good enough. Oh, and render times increased.


I went back to my tried and true method. I opened Photo Shop and painted a full series of texture maps. Took a while to do all that and my render times are back up. I have a single sample image with just the one map applied to the main hull. The rest of the model is using just the old material editor colors which I will have to fix. This ‘basic’ render took 1hr and 16 minutes. The shadow mapping and fill light cause some of the time delay.

Anderman Cruiser #10


~ by cp40guy on January 7, 2016.

2 Responses to “More Honerverse – Pt 4”

  1. wow that modell looks great!

    is there a was to geht the 3d modell?

    • OMG – I seem to have missed this and completely ignored the pending post! I am so sorry!

      It is a 3D MAX model (textured) but is available un-textured in OBJ and LWO. Let me know if you are still interested.

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