I'm a work'n on it

More Honorverse stuff


Note: Yes, I know I have wandered again. It’s a very serious problem I have. Sorry.

I have switched back to working on my various Honor Harrington universe ships. To the purists out there please understand these are my interpretations based on my imagining from the novels, the book art as well as BuNine work.

That out of the way, I have gone back and redone my earlier PRN design approach as well as that I had done for the Andermann Empire. These are both cruiser designs. The PRN is slightly more heavy or clunky versus other fleet designs and I tried to think in terms of Soviet in the approach. The Andermann design is more elegant, not overly concerned about high rate of construction needs (as they have no concern on budget issue and just keep building) but not as heavily armed (with missile throw weight).

Here we go:



Each model has various parts that will need to be cloned so there are clearly parts missing.