It’s Aliens – Maybe, yes

Okay, this is (possibly) the coolest way to end my week. The following is a follow up article to one that discusses some strange sh@t going on at a star Kepler tagged some number of years ago. This story will give you the original article and that one will give you a link to the research paper. There is going to be some serious follow ups to this that you’ll read in the articles and it will take months if not years to get an idea of what it really is.

A Dyson Sphere?

Normally I chuckle at these things but read the articles. It’s pretty interesting. At the very least, if this is not some alien mega structure(s), it is something new we have not yet observed around the 150,000 stars we have Kepler data on.


~ by cp40guy on October 16, 2015.

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