More from ‘Off the Reservation’

Long time since anything posted here. Not unusual for me though, right? 🙂

Real life has been busy and taken the few time slices away that I have had for modelling fun. Additionally, I have been experimenting with various new material types for this particular model. Probably giving away what I am working on with these update pics but, oh well.

I have switched to a multi-layer Blinn shader. I probably have a few more tweaks to go in how I set the various maps up but like where this has landed. These examples are just with a slight ambient rig and a single point (spot) light on the model element. If I stick with this I would probably get some nice output layers for post work.

What is it #1
What is it #2
What is it #3
What is it #4


~ by cp40guy on October 1, 2015.

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