Off the Reservation (again!)

I have had this project idea brewing for a couple of years (based on the file date) that I got re-interested in. A result of going through various folders and thumb drives – etc. It was a thought on demonstrating where I started to where I am today. It was also a departure from how I like to model versus how I can if I spend real time on something.

I won’t give all the details right now but some folks will guess, in part, what I am up to after a few posts. And, of course, there is always the reality I will see some shiny new thing and go off the reservation again!

The following is a single part of a much larger mesh. Each part will have no less than 1K texture maps (small parts at 1K and large up to 4K). This is a single hatch plate in a series on a model and each will have some unique property so they do not look like copies / clones. I have worked it out in PS to make it very easy. We will see.

The model is about 70% done except for some tweaks here and there and one major component. It’s been fun so far.

Cover Hatch 01
Cover Hatch 02
Cover Hatch 03


~ by cp40guy on September 10, 2015.

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