Cruiser (Honor Harrington)

Back to my (slowly) growing fleet inspired by the Honor Harrington universe.

This has to be my 5th (ish) version of a Manticoran style cruiser. I worked out, again, various scale issues and such to try and compensate for the inconsistencies found in the novels. I built out a source file with all the classes, in rough form, and now can go back and develop the finer details. I have my previous destroyer and it is just about finished. I have a scene in mind and want this cruiser to be in it. Both are in the texture phase (as well as cloning all the duplicate items).

I cannot stress how ‘inspired by’ this all is. There is no real canon, in my opinion, even though the House of Steel book has ship designs and specs in it. The French versions have different book art designs. The comics and potential movie completely toss the established designs as well. I have simply decided to design based on my minds view of what I read, the art of David Mattingly and the influence of the BuNine work done over the years.

Weber has a very loyal and sensitive fan base out there. I don’t want to get spaced 🙂

Cruiser - Honor Harrington

Just the one item. Fitting the first texture layer in is all.


~ by cp40guy on August 5, 2015.

2 Responses to “Cruiser (Honor Harrington)”

  1. Dear Thomas Pemberton,

    My name is Wayne McAliece. I am a member of The International Star Trek Fan Association STARFLEET. I am in a Australian Chapter, and was hoping would it be alright to use, your ship designs. For visual affect for a Podcast an comic.

    These two would only be used within the group for reasons of fun. I am always trying to come up with new ideas for the group. We are what’s called a correspondence chapter. All of our activities are done via the internet.

    And a Podcast is perfect, because voices can be recorded anywhere in the world. Which my chapter does have members from around the world. Then with a little internet technology we can put all the voices together with a few sound effects and pictures and bang you have a podcast and fun.

    I have at this moment contacted Masao Okazaki and Bernd Schneider and they have given me permission to use there items as long as I credit them with design which I have agreed to. I was wondering if I would please be able to get your permission please.

    Sorry I have gone on somewhat. The use of your designs would only be used for the Chapters fun. I hope that this will be ok? Below is a link to the USS Southern Cross’s webpage.

    Wayne & Lyn McAliece
    USS Southern Cross Chapter

    • Wayne,

      Thanks for the note and being kind enough to ask permission. Feel free to use the images you are interested in as long as they are for your personal (sites) use. I always appreciate the mentions and credits and would also appreciate you providing that on anything you end up using.

      Best regards,


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