Have CG Art forum (BBS) sites gone the way of the Dodo?


I keep checking in at a fair number of the sites out there but see little in the way of contribution. Most sites have a small group of hard core, and mostly very accomplished, artists and modelers that continue to post. But the variety and numbers seem to have declined. I mostly follow blogs now of people I like.

Or, is it more that fewer people are modelling than used to? Tools have become very expensive and the old days of freeware versions have gone away. The few free tools are difficult to learn without the level of support you see from the commercial companies.

Or, am I just a glass half full kind of guy?



~ by cp40guy on July 29, 2015.

3 Responses to “Have CG Art forum (BBS) sites gone the way of the Dodo?”

  1. Even though I frequent 3 of them, I had to go with the “Zombies” answer. 8-9 years ago, I’d go to a site like Scifi-Meshes and there would be pages of new posts since my last visit, which could have been as recently as 12 hours earlier. Now, I can go a day or two without checking in (which I usually don’t do) and there isn’t even a page. Like you said, there are only a few of us who still are active. The sad part is, on a lot of these sites, even the staff isn’t seen very often.

  2. I suspect more people are modelling but i also suspect that people are seeking a more intimate experience than gigantic forums.

  3. In my opinion, the apparent decrease in artists showing their work in forums has also occurred for non-CGI Trek artists. For example, at a big Trek forum I’ve belong to for years the number of people posting their artwork has definitely decreased. But there are still plenty of people who post comments about the work. That’s much like what happened in a Trek art fanzine (yes, physically printed paper!!!) I used to belong to: the number of people sending in art fell drastically, but there were still a lot of members receiving copies of the fanzine.

    I’m not sure why this is happening. For me, I rarely post my work because I don’t care so much what non-artists comment about it. They most often just say “great work!!!,” which I don’t need to hear in this stage of my life. (But if people send me emails to discuss my work, I always answer them.) For me, reading and responding to comments like that in forums can take a lot of time that I can’t afford. Some artists also post every step of their artwork at multiple forums, but I see no point in that and, again, don’t have the time.

    So maybe fewer people are posting art because they spend too much time on the Internet and Facebook and cell phones and don’t spend enough time making art? Or maybe people are still making art but don’t post it unless they’re professionals who need advertising?

    I also sense that a larger percentage of people on the Internet just want to voice complaints or opinions without a meaningful discussion. I don’t have the time or the desire to participate in or even observe that kind of stuff.

    Accordingly, I also blame JJ Abrams because most artists probably think his enormous ships, which look just like smaller ships, are absolutely nuts! Ha!

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