SyFy does Sci-Fi!

I almost can’t believe it but SyFy does seem to be getting back to it’s core premise and in December they will premiere Childhood’s End! The latest trailer looks great.

I got my Science Fiction literature start with the ABC`s of Asimov, Bradbury and Clark. Clark was the ‘hard science’ guy and his ideas were so thought provoking. While everyone knows 2001: A Space Odyssey and many know Rendezvous with Rama, Childhoods End is probably not as well known and is unique in it’s deviation from the hard science approach Clark is known for.

The trailer clearly shows a very contemporary interpretation which I would expect and, if done right (fingers crossed), should not hurt the story. Clearly one quick clip shows a character (book – Jan Rodricks, an astrophysicist) getting protected for travel from within an Overlord ship as it prepares to go to it’s home-world. Two allusions to classic Sci-Fi movie scenes as well, 2001 and Close Encounters, are in the trailer. Nice touches.

In addition, The Expanse!!!!!! I hope…hope…hope… they don’t screw this up! The trailer, which focuses on the story from book 1 (Leviathan Awakes) does show a key character that shows up in book 2 but I read that the Expanse authors worked with the screenwriters and are happy with the results. I really hope it is good and they go the distance – the story and characters are amazing!

And (minor spoiler) – Zombies in space! What’s not to like!


~ by cp40guy on July 17, 2015.

2 Responses to “SyFy does Sci-Fi!”

  1. It certainly sounds better than Syfy doing professional wrestling. šŸ˜› Too bad we canceled that station (among many others.)

  2. I read Childhood’s End back in junior high school. I haven’t read it again since, but I guess I’ve have to again now.

    I wonder if the Overlords will look like the big flying devils in the book. That seems a bit beyond the ability of film.

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