That’s no moon!

Well, maybe it is or maybe it is an asteroid or ‘dwarf’ planet. But it will be a star base when it is used in the next render or two.

I added a slight displacement to it and tweaked the bump mapping. Not entirely sure my displacement map is aligned correctly. Should match the UV map but… The sphere had to be bumped up to about 256 segments to look good. I can go higher but it adds to rendering time. Got the idea from looking at the latest Ceres imagery. Like the 3 mile high ‘pyramid’ they found!

I have applied a first pass attempt at a sprawling surface installation.

Starbase moon


~ by cp40guy on June 19, 2015.

2 Responses to “That’s no moon!”

  1. Beautiful! Not the kind of thing you see usually see in Star Trek.

  2. That’s very cool! I’ve never seen CGI planet like that.

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