When it rains…

As somewhat chronicled, I have little time available these days for ‘self indulgence’ of my 3D SciFi modeling habit. I do, however, have about a two hour block Monday through Friday that is my commute. I ride an ‘express’ bus (where did they come up with an hour ride equaling express!) that takes just over an hour each direction. To make the time more pleasant and to provide a way to avoid interaction with fellow riders – I read on the bus.

I generally can read one average length novel each week or, if I nod off on the way home, it may take two. I depend on the public library for the most part to keep me in stock of material. To keep the books flowing I check availability of titles, online, each week and add books to my list. I try to look for things that have varying wait queues. This process keeps me with at least one book on hand each week with a ‘go to’ back up before I have to return to the library for another book. I have also taken to adding forth coming releases (or books the library is getting around to carry). Kindle or old school – does not matter.

So late last week my plan sort of failed. I had loaded my reservation list with a few books that are scheduled to come out in such a way, and given the wait queue, that I would get each one shortly after the previous with ample time to read them. Much to my surprise, here is what was on the hold shelf for me early last week. (I did not take a picture of the stack as the binding and covers have library seals everywhere.)

Reading for  June 2015

Three of the five are ‘in demand’ meaning I cannot renew them. I could be an ass and just hold onto them until I am done but I hate when people do that. Our library has no late penalty. If you go beyond a certain threshold they just don’t let you check anything else out until you cough up the overdue book(s). I get three weeks to get the three limited holds read so I’ll be fine. But geez.

~ by cp40guy on June 8, 2015.

One Response to “When it rains…”

  1. If it’s an hour on the express, imagine how long it would be on a bus that makes regular stops the whole way. πŸ˜‰

    No late fees? Geez, that’s too lenient. Books are either ten or fifteen cents per day overdue here, (I think it’s fifteen) movies are one dollar per day.

    As for all that stuff you got, I guess it’s time to see how fast you can really read. πŸ˜‰ What do you normally do during your lunch break? (besides eat) If you’re not one of those people who does a working lunch, you can probably get some more of the books knocked out while you’re eating.

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