Back to Capella – Pt. 3

In spite of yesterday’s comment on not having time to work on my modelling – I worked on my modelling last night.

We are in a ‘house’ pause with work resuming this weekend.

I tweaked the Capella textures a bit more and applied some to a few parts in need of them. The bussards are placeholders and the nacelle ‘inter-cooler’ things are still a work in progress. Masao has indicated they are open to re-interpretation and I have been looking at doing that. Will consider that a block-(X) improvement added to later production models. The porthole / windows need to be properly ‘interior-ized’ and that will get addressed in the next iteration.

So, here:

Star Trek Capella Class
Star Trek Capella Class
Star Trek Capella Class


~ by cp40guy on June 4, 2015.

4 Responses to “Back to Capella – Pt. 3”

  1. Looking great, bro. What are the tubes on top of the saucer with the glowing domes on either end?

    • Per the Star Fleet Museum write up ‘..large multiarray, long-range sensor/deflector units, which replaced a traditional dish, facing fore and aft and mounted at the upper corners of the secondary hull.‘. Took a while for me to know. I was unsure myself.

  2. Since the ship is sometimes used to do studies of recently discovered areas, it carries a lot of gear for measuring stuff and collecting information. Anyway, that’s what I think I meant. Actually, I think Allen suggested the information.

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