Back to Capella – Pt. 2

Okay, that was odd.

I had this rare and annoying mapping issue crop up while working on the Capella. I had assigned material values to all the various parts that make up the hull and then UVW mapped them. The top / bottom sections worked out fine (as seen in previous post). I then added to the stack a UVW modifier for the side sections and, well, crap ensued. Test renders would sometimes be correct and sometimes show the texture stretched and random polys would have nothing but dark (as if no map or material value assigned). I had seen this before and used various methods known to fix it.

Nothing.    Still does it.    Sheet.    So…

Take 2.

I removed all the material and UVW assignments and saved the file out with a new name. Then I imported the mesh into a new file (so the material library would load clean). Then I disassembled all the objects into either a horizontal facing top element, horizontal facing bottom element or a vertical facing element. I then attached these various pieces together. When I went back to the UVW modifier and set everything up – presto. That worked.


Not much to show as the troubleshooting took up a lot of the time I had to work on this. I fixed an alignment issue I had with the bottom texture (that I knew was there but was hard to see) and got the nacelles done. Have some minor tweaking to the main maps yet and all the small parts to finish.

Star Trek Capella Class
Star Trek Capella Class
Star Trek Capella Class


~ by cp40guy on May 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Back to Capella – Pt. 2”

  1. Wow, that sounds like a huge pain in the butt. At least you worked it out, though.

    • Not sure but it may be an artifact of having such an ancient version of MAX. I have run into this before and usually when I am applying large maps that encompass multiple objects.

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