AmazonFresh to Space!

In case you missed this, Jeff Bezos funded Blue Origins successfully (mostly) launched their New Sheppard system. Was a very secretive launch with no press announcements in advance. I had not really been watching what Blue Origins has been up to as I thought Jeff Bezos had lost focus on this project. The capsule portion of the test went off without any hitches (according to the press release). The booster, which is reusable, had a failure in the recovery system and was lost. They seem to know what it was and have already started fixing the #2 and #3 test booster.

I chuckled a bit on the New Sheppard, it looks like a vertical launch version of a Flash Gordon or other 1930’s era serial spaceship. On the other hand, I get a bit misty in the eye when I see these private companies doing what so many of us have dreamed about. In the video above, the look in the faces of those people watching their rocket liftoff reminds me when I used to go out and launch Estes rockets. I always dreamed of doing what these folks are doing.

And now the ISS can order from Amazon and get 2 day delivery! 🙂 Wonder if Prime covers that? 🙂


~ by cp40guy on April 30, 2015.

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