Other Space – Yahoo ! (?)

Other Space
Okay, sucked in by the new, 8 part, sci-fi mini series just launched on Yahoo. In the vein of Red Dwarf, it follows the exploits of a small crew of unlikely explorers. They find themselves trapped in an entirely new universe after they get sucked (flushed – watch and you’ll get it) through a momentary tear between ours and another universe.

Unique to Yahoo with oddly appealing sets, costumes and effects – I did not see this coming. It just landing today and I ‘what the hell’d’ it. Each episode is about 25 minutes plus a few (poorly timed) inserted commercials. A few of the actors actually have some skill in delivering lines. I had hoped for better humor given the shows overall tone (think Quark – the Richard Benjamin series). Both Quark and Red Dwarf pull off the satire much better but Other Space does twist here and there with some serious undertones.

~ by cp40guy on April 14, 2015.

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