Loop – hope I am done

My endless Honor Harrington ship process is, hopefully, coming to an end.  Well, with the destroyer I have been working on at least.  While this looks like a step back from the last time you saw this it is really vastly improved.  This is a re-import from Wings 3D, the smoothing and initial texture application has been discarded.

This version has had the missile tubes improved with set back, sliding, hatches.  I added thruster nozzles and improved the z-axis (spinal) thrusters.  The point defense laser has been updated to have a ‘cannon’ type hexagonal mount.  You’ll never see those PD lenses but – hey.  The boat bay is roughed in with floods and observation ports.  I only need to drop in the docking assembly.

I did not like the map size of the first texture application so that gets tweaked with this go around.  Hoping to do 4K maps with much of the hull and 1K for smaller details.  Should be able to get the detail I need.  I needed operating hatches for the scene(s) this will go into.

Forgive the poor quality of the images.

Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic
Manticorian Destroyer - Generic

So, aside from texture work, I have to go back and get the smoothing groups fixed again and clone all the parts that need multiple copies.


~ by cp40guy on March 3, 2015.

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