Pinnace – Harrington Universe

I have a few, new, Harrington universe ships in the wings I need (want) to render. They all have docking bays which, if one reads the books, typically contain one or more shuttles (pinnaces). I know of only one ‘canon’ design and do not want to go to that level of detail to accommodate a similar ship. I decided to work out a variation of a Burnelli lifting body, not to unlike the Boeing blended wing (which is a descendant of Burnelli’s work). I had numerous types but have sort of come down to three candidates.

The examples below (A, B and C) are the ones I did not delete with extreme prejudice. The type C is probably the best of the three for my purposes. It has the most volume for either passengers and or cargo. The Harrington ships mostly re-provision when at a space station so they do not need big shuttles. With cruisers and larger I will need to consider a couple of combat shuttles for landing troops though that is not the primary role of a fleet vessel. They do have them though so I have to think it out.

So –

Note: Image 1 I have got A and C reversed (thanks Evil). Image 2 and 3 are correct.

Honor Harrington pinnace concept
Honor Harrington pinnace concept
Honor Harrington pinnace concept


~ by cp40guy on February 18, 2015.

2 Responses to “Pinnace – Harrington Universe”

  1. Do you realize you reversed A and C in the second and third images? Or, did you do it in the first? Either way, A and C are relative to which image you’re looking at. 😉

    Looking at the first image, I like C the best. In the second and third images, it’s A. Not being familiar with the books and judging simply from a design standpoint, it has the most interesting design. B is my second favorite, and the one marked A in the first image (C in the other two) is my least favorite. Though, I’d imagine that’s the one you’re talking about with the most internal space. However, from an aesthetics standpoint, it’s the most boring. But, if it’s a simple “hauler,” which it sounds like it is, aesthetics are less important than function.

    • Yeah, okay – screwed that up 🙂

      The one you like most, in image 1, should have been A. That is the one I have as a standard pinnace at the moment. It has enough volume for about 6 including pilot. My real C has volume for 18 including pilot.

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