Project Wasteland – Take 1

I have been going through my copious and broadly distributed (Dropbox, old laptop, thumb drives, etc.) CG folders recently. I am attempting to consolidate my projects in one place and properly categorize them. The idea is to eliminate duplicates and abandon crap. I have lots of crap.

While I am not stating what is what in this process, I am sharing some of the ‘discoveries’ here. Feel free to comment on what you believe to be crap :). My position changes daily on some of these. The most egregious or obvious, like duplicates, will just get put into the trash. Some of the ‘one day maybe’ ideas will get put into a folder I have titled Lost Work. I hope to one day, maybe, get back to them.

Thunderbird 1
Here is an initial work up for a take on Thunderbird 1 by zenseava who is a Japanese artist that does a lot of work around Space Battleship Yamato. I’d love to one day build out a few of his designs. This is an early take and is in limbo for now.
Thunderbird 1 Zenseava design
Thunderbird 1 Zenseava design

Post TNG
I once spent a week, when time permitted, just free forming ideas in Wings 3D. They were mostly Star Trek designs. A few where ideas on ‘future’ ships we might see after TNG. Here is my ‘Ironing Board’ design idea.
Star Trek Iron Board class
Star Trek Iron Board class
Star Trek Iron Board class

More to come….

~ by cp40guy on January 22, 2015.

One Response to “Project Wasteland – Take 1”

  1. The post TNG ship looks like a blend of a Trek ship and Slave 1 from The Empire Strikes Back. 😉

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