A humorous pause

Pay attention.

Look before you leap.

Aside from all the other reasons I generally post for being under productive; I just got back from spending Thanksgiving holiday with family out in Maryland. It’s been a few years since I have been out that way (first time with family as a daughter and her husband only just moved a year ago). We planned big and went to a fair number of great places. To end the trip we all decided to spend the day at the National Mall. For those who do not know what that is, the National Mall is in DC and is where we have many of our major monuments in the US.

We hit all the open exhibits (memorials) and then we each picked a specific museum we wanted to ‘absorb’. If you have been you know that it takes hours if not days to really enjoy any one of the museums. Of course I picked the Air and Space museum. I have been but cannot get enough of it. And to end the day, I purposefully waited to the last to go down to the basement gift shop to see THE USS Enterprise! I’d had to skip it last time as I ran out of time. They have it stuffed in the downstairs gift shop way in the back.

So, when everyone checked in that they were ready to regroup I headed for the gift shop. Went down to the basement and, giddily, fast walked to the back. (You can see the case from the escalator! Joy!)

And..Oh my..I’m so excited..Wait!.. WTF!?

Empty Star Trek Enterprise Case
Yeah, I probably should have known.
Not funny signage

On the good side, when it comes back it will be out where it belongs for everyone to see. Also noted, since I was last there they updated the floor display map icon for where it is located. The icon is for the ‘Enterprise’ Enterprise! Really? Really. I hope they fix that.


~ by cp40guy on December 3, 2014.

One Response to “A humorous pause”

  1. Maybe it’s at warp. 😉 Originally, Gene Roddenberry wanted the ship to disappear at warp, since it would be traveling so fast that light couldn’t catch it. (though, he later found out that was wrong)

    Seriously, I’d heard they were doing this. At least it’s going to get a proper exhibit place, as opposed to the gift shop.

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