Starbase. Or, one thing leads to another.

I have so many things to finish and so little time to do anything other than work. So, of course, I started another project! I have been doing some renders of old stuff and minor re-tweaks of even older items. I wanted a basic space station I could use as a backdrop in a few scenes but one of my own design. Nothing to elaborate or time consuming to create or texture. Not a showpiece.

I also thought it should fit in a number of different universes (Trek, Harrington, etc.).

Here is what I have after 2-3 hours which is all I was able to squirrel away in the last week. Obviously about 90% plus was put into the textures. All I have done is the diffuse maps and illumination masks. Need specular maps and bump (yep, good ole Max v4.2 – uses bump). The center ‘ring’ is still a coalescing thought so is rather ‘plain’.

Star Trek type space station


~ by cp40guy on November 12, 2014.

One Response to “Starbase. Or, one thing leads to another.”

  1. Interesting… It’s simple enough that it could fit into almost any universe. My only question would be how larger ships would connect with it for personnel transfer or resupply. Is that what you’re thinking of for the center ring? Or would this be shuttle-only (or transporter-only) transfer?

    I could see this design serving as a midsize orbital office or C&C station, or maybe a monitoring station along the border somewhere.

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