Honorverse Redux – Part 2

Small retreat on the redesign. Ended up not liking the laser (point defense) guns and went back to a version of my earlier design. On the destroyer I added the sidewall generator and sidewall emitters (not on the hammer sections yet). Cloned the escape hatches and point defense guns. This is 95% done so I have started with the texture base.

Also have a 75% complete basic cruiser class. No side by side for scale image yet. The GRASERs, missile tubes and side sensor platforms for this ship are the same dimensions as well as the ‘sail’ section of the access / docking bridge. You can see it is bigger. 😀

Same base texture but detail elements will be different.

Honor Harrington
Honor Harrington
Honor Harrington


~ by cp40guy on August 28, 2014.

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